Artist Reboot 

by Johnny Dough

A day in the life of an artist is more than just drawing, painting, writing or creating. You must first find fulfillment, inspiration and happiness to create your art from. Gotta get your mind right people! Thank you to for the music.


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I am a brand new to digital art, so this is my first complete digital drawings. The subject of my first digital piece is one of my favorite comic book characters, Hellboy! I have done this one using Procreate and the new 2018 iPad Pro, as well as the Apple Pencil 2!
Another few warm-up sketches I do before working on something a bit more substantial. I have been experimenting with differentCopic mediums to get some different effects. In these drawing, I use a 40lb sketch paper, pencil, ink, and Copic markers. Later I use a brown sketchbook with Copic markers, India ink, and some gel pens.
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Trying something new for the channel, I decided to start vlogging. Why not? It couldn't hurt anything to give it a go. The best way to learn how to do something is to do it. So here is the first attempt at the Artist Reboot video log.
This is my drawing of Old Man Logan. I used HB lead holder, bristol board, black India ink, Copic Markers. I like how this one turned out overall. please let me know what you think about this rendering and what you would do differently. Thanks to for the awesome music.